Evangelization and Catechesis

Bachelor of Arts, Department of Theology

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Program Mission

The mission of the Evangelization and Catechesis Program is to aid students who desire to fulfill Christ’s mission on earth to make disciples of all nations teaching them all that He has commanded. The two tracks can aid both those who seek to make ministry their lifework as well as those who seek to bring Christ to the world in the New Evangelization through their own various occupations and lives. A combination of program-specific and more general theology courses will deepen one’s understanding of the human person and his or her relationship with God that he or she might bring about the mission of Christ to the baptized or unbaptized. Ultimately, the goal is to respond to the command of Christ to “Duc in altum (Put out into the deep)” and become “fishers of men [and women].”

Degree Objectives

  • Gain knowledge of the theology of mission and catechesis and discover what it means to participate in Christ’s mission on earth.
  • Prepare student majors for teaching, parish work, youth ministry, and graduate studies.


Dr. Jamie Blosser
Professor and Chair
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Other Department Offerings

  • Major or Minor in Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts Theology-Secondary Education 
  • Evangelization Catechesis (BA) - New Evangelization Studies Specialization
  • Evangelization Catechesis (BA) - Youth Ministry and Catechesis Specialization