Transfer Students


Dynamic Community. 在全国调查中,本尼迪克特大学的太阳城官网比同龄人要好. About 60% of graduates hold a formal leadership role, compared to 36% at other Catholic colleges. 学生们会遇到支持他们价值观的终身朋友.

Thriving Faith Life. The campus offers four daily Masses, 一周七天的告解和永恒的圣体崇拜. A third of our students participate in mission trips including 14 countries on 4 continents.

Inspiring scholarship. In our 49 majors, Benedictine College students are far more likely to work directly with a faculty member and complete a senior project than students at peer schools. Dozens of our faculty rank in the top 10% of the national IDEA faculty evaluations yearly. 65% of our students gain field experience or an internship — much higher than our peers.

Application and Admission

Each step is outlined on the Transfer Admission Process page.


是的,我们需要你上过的每一所学校的正式成绩单. 入学时将接受非正式成绩单. 传真或电子邮件成绩单被认为是非正式的.

If you have 24 or more college-level credits, 你不需要提交你的ACT/SAT成绩或高中成绩单. If you have less than 24 college-level credits, 我们要求您提交ACT或SAT的官方成绩报告, 一份完整的正式高中成绩单和毕业日期.


我们在滚动的基础上审查转让申请. Most applicants will have an admission decision made within two weeks of their application being completed.

Yes, once admitted to Benedictine, the Office of Academic Records will evaluate your transcript and this preliminary evaluation will be emailed to you typically within 7-10 days.

让我们知道你打算参加本笃会提交你的300美元 Enrollment Fee and Housing Application. 我们需要这两个项目来确保您在班级注册中的位置. 注册费可以用主要信用卡在线支付,也可以联系 your Admission Counselor. The Campus Housing Application may be submitted online; the Commuter Application can be mailed to Benedictine College, Admission Office, 1020 N 2nd St, Atchison, KS 66002.

提交费用和住房申请后, 教务处会指派你的学术顾问. 当注册开始时,您的指导老师将与您联系并为您注册课程.


Find your Counselor

Financial Aid

想要估计一下你作为转学生可以获得的经济援助? Use the financial aid calculator!

Transfer Merit Scholarship



Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Phi Theta Kappa的成员可获得1000美元的奖学金. 这项奖学金是对转学奖学金的补充. A minimum of 24 credits is required. Upon receipt of the Phi Theta Kappa Certificate, 这笔奖学金将被添加到你的经济援助计划中. 非全日制学生和已获得学士学位的学生不符合资格.



If enrolling for the fall semester, you need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) after January 1 to be considered for institutional, state, or federal financial aid including work study.

If you plan to enroll for the spring semester, you should submit the FAFSA as soon as possible.

The FAFSA Federal Code is 010256.

Transfer Credit

Benedictine College makes every effort to facilitate your entry into our educational programs. You can f看看哪些课程会转到本尼迪克特学院 TransferologyThe following guidelines will assist you in transferring credits from another institution to Benedictine College to satisfy degree program requirements.

  • 如果你提交的作业少于四个学期的大学水平, the Registrar will need to review your courses to determine the number of hours that will transfer and your class standing.
  • If you have fewer than 24 credits, you are required to submit an official report of scores earned on the ACT or SAT; and a complete official high school transcript.
  • A maximum of 64 semester credits will be accepted in transfer from two-year institutions. 最后两个学期(30学分)必须在本尼迪克特学院完成.
  • If you are presenting 60 or more hours of approved credit and/or an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, 你将被授予初级职位,前提是:
    • 在其他院校取得的成绩不计入你的平均绩点.
    • In your first two semesters at Benedictine, you will be subject to the academic standing rules for freshmen; subsequently, 你将服从高年级学生的要求.  为了毕业,你必须达到2的毕业要求.0 GPA (both overall and in your major) regardless of when you transfer to Benedictine College.
    • 至少需要28小时的通识教育. (详见课程目录中的通识教育部分.)
    • 毕业需要修满30个小时的高年级学分.
    • HOWEVER, beginning freshmen who matriculate first to Benedictine College after high school graduation, 即使他们有副学士学位或在60个小时或更长时间内转学, 负责完成整个通识教育课程.
  • Students transferring from unaccredited institutions are subject to review by the Registrar to determine the number of hours transferred and class standing.

Only courses comparable to those offered at Benedictine College will be accepted for transfer.  所有此类课程的成绩必须达到C-或以上,并符合学分规定.

Contact your Admission Counselor for a current list of approved courses.

An attempt will be made to determine course equivalencies of specific Benedictine requirements.  If equivalencies cannot be made, course work will generally be accepted as elective credit.

Request to transfer courses from institutions that are not regionally accredited will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.  你需要准备好提供课程描述, course syllabi, information about the instructor’s qualifications, and possible other information.

Pre-college level courses which are developmental, remedial, or preparatory are not transferable.

职业技术课程一般不能转学. Exceptions may be made by individual departments if the course work is pertinent to your major.




There is no campus housing for married couples.

Not necessarily. 如果你符合通勤者身份的条件之一,你可以在网上完成 Housing Application as a commuter.

  • Non–Traditional Student. (Verification from the Registrar’s Office.)
  • Age 23 or older on or before August 26, 2017
  • 与父母或法定监护人住在艾奇逊社区(半径30英里)
  • Married
  • Member of a religious order
  • Full-time Employee of the College
  • Dependent child or children
  • Fifth year senior social class standing
  • Studying abroad in a College recognized program. 在课程期间,通勤状态将得到认可
  • Have lived in the Atchison area and were not enrolled in the college for at least one year
  • Student teachers only: Student teachers who receive a placement with a distance of at least 50 miles from campus
  • Transfer students only: Lived off-campus on your own at your previous college or university for at least one year. 与父母或亲戚住在一起不符合条件
  • Mail any supporting documents to:

    Benedictine College
    Student Life Office
    1020 N 2ndSt
    Atchison, KS 66002


任何在本尼迪克特学院缺课的学生必须 联系学院副院长办公室 to seek readmittance. The student will need to:

  1. 填写表格以更新他或她的个人信息和学术计划. 重新入学申请不需要交学费.
  2. 提交在其他大学完成的所有课程的正式成绩单.
  3. Students readmitted to the college who have attended other colleges or universities must meet satisfactory academic progress requirements as described under the Transfer Admission section of the General Admission Policies in the Course Catalog.

If the student is readmitted, 他或她将被要求提交适当的入学和住房押金. This will be necessary only if the applicant’s original deposit was refunded when he or she withdrew.


Benedictine College is a proud supporter of our military men and women for their dedication and sacrifice. Benedictine actively participates in the acceptance of VA benefits that will assist in the progression toward your degree completion. 请致电913-360-7485与财务援助办公室联系以获得进一步帮助.

Benedictine College Yellow Ribbon Program

Multiple Undergraduate Degrees

Anyone who has earned a bachelor’s degree may enroll in Benedictine College to pursue an additional undergraduate degree. However, you may not pursue the same degree with the same major(s) as previously earned. You are required to earn a minimum of 30 new hours in residence even if fewer hours are needed to complete your new major. (这30个学时不能从其他学院或大学转学, earned by CLEP, or through experiential learning. This is consistent with Benedictine College’s policy that the last 30 hours must be earned in residence.)

Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree from another institution will also need to complete the same general education requirements as do all students who transfer to Benedictine College with 60 or more hours.

Your cumulative GPA from all courses taken after graduation will be calculated separately since your GPA is “frozen” at the time of graduation. 拉丁文荣誉只授予你的第一个学士学位.

机构奖学金不适用于寻求第二学位的学生. You may not receive any gift aid (e.g. Pell grants). You can make use of federal loan programs only if you are degree-seeking with a realistic anticipated degree date.